• In Love with Death by Satish Modi

    In-love-with-Death---Satish-Modi-book-coverNow that we know our time is limited,
    we need to look at life with a new perception.

    In Love with Death is a book that explores our lifelong relationship with death. It delves into the ways through which we can use an awareness of death to shape our lives in a positive and meaningful direction. Satish Modi’s aim is to help people overcome their fear of dying and enable them to explore death positively, in the hope that this might motivate them to fill their lives with goodness, love and compassion.
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  • Translators: the unsung heroes of culture and diplomacy

    Translators the unsung heroes of culture and diplomacy - Read Russia
    Translating is a delicate skill that has facilitated culture and diplomacy through the ages. Whether used by literary translators navigating the fine linguistic lines of a story or by interpreters sitting in sound-proof rooms, translating a babble of conversation into coherent meaning, without translation and interpretation, ideas could not be shared and peace talks could not take place. Read more

  • Debrecks founder joins Curzon PR to offer financial communications services

     Seig de Vater, founder of Debrecks Marketing

    Seig de Vater, founder of Debrecks Marketing

    Curzon PR is delighted to welcome its newest director, Seig de Vater, founder of Debrecks, Europe’s leading Family Office marketing business. De Vater’s experience will enrich the strategic communications campaigns that Curzon PR offers to the financial sector. Read more

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