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At Curzon we do more than manage conferences and exhibitions, we create thought provoking, agenda changing event

At Curzon PR we take a holistic approach to creating and developing memorable experiences. We manage the full process for you, from idea to execution.

Our Event Management services include:

  • Event & Conference Programming
  • Speaker Sourcing
  • Targeted Attendee List
  • Supplier Liaison

We promote your brand and establish you as a key figure and authority in your chosen industry. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail, which allows us to host and develop diverse and engaging events. With your vision as our guide we aim to bring ideas to fruition. From conferences to formal sit-down dinners, speaker opportunities, launches and exhibitions, our events team goes the extra mile.


Event Management | Buyer's Guide


Event Management is creation and delivery of an event project using expertise, creative and technical skills. It will involve strong knowledge of your brand, your target audience, and the creation of an event concepts to suit this. We will handle the event from the venue search, to supplier liaison, logistics, guest list management and will have our team on the ground at the time of your event.

There are several types of Events which we are able to organise for you:

  1. Seminars and Conferences
  2. Press briefings
  3. Stakeholder briefings
  4. Fairs
  5. Exhibitions


There are several benefits to our professional Event Management services:

1. Professional end to end execution:

  • We will handle your event from the planning, to being on the ground at the event.
  • With our experience, we are able to come up with creative ideas which are tailored to suit your brand and the goals of your event.
  • We will highlight an concerns which we have with you before embarking on the project.
  • The plan will involve the best ways in which to ensure that the event can be executed but at the same time taking in all the factors and a measure for contingency.

2. Saving you valuable time and checking the legalities on your behalf:

  • Managing an event with several different suppliers and a number of people working on an event to bring it together, requires efficiency and management skills.
  • Having an agency to manage your event means that there is only one person for your to communicate with, who is responsible for the smooth execution of your event. This also means that your team is able to remain dedicated to their roles, and are not tied up doing tasks they are unfamiliar with.
  • Curzon PR has the preexisting relationships with event venues and suppliers , which means we are able to better negotiate prices and payment terms on your behalf.
  • We will check that we keep you informed of any health and safety or other legal requirements that you may have to meet.

3. Access to our insider knowledge, skills & expertise:

With out experience and expertise we are able to give you ideas for your event concept, suggestions on the best time to have your event, advice and connection to speakers, advice on flow plans, suppliers etc. based on past experience, in order to make your event successful.

  • With out experience and expertise we are able to give you ideas for your event concept, suggestions on the best time to have your event, advice and connection to speakers, advice on flow plans, suppliers etc. based on past experience, in order to make your event successful.
  • Your will get access to our expert knowledge on:a. The best locations and venues for your event
    b. Management of logistically challenging situations
    c. Creative ideas for social and partner programmes
    d. Our ability to negotiate favorable rates and payment terms on your behalf
    e. Multiple supplier management
    f. The most suitable speakers to make your event successful.
    g. Guest list management

4. Avoid hidden costs:

  • We have the expertise to know what hidden costs to look out for, we will ensure that we check with the venues or suppliers by asking the right questions.
  • We will check the contract clauses, as well as the terms and conditions on your behalf, flagging up any concerns to you before asking you to sign any venue or supplier contract.

5. Remain Stress Free:

  • We are there to ensure that the planning, preparation and execution of your event is smooth and stress free allowing you to relax and enjoy your event.
  • We are prepared to tackle any unexpected situations that arise though our experience, by being on standby to manage any issues.

6. Programs that outreach:

  • We ensure that the event is tailored to your target audience and will research to ensure that your competitors are not holding events at the same time, analyse what they are doing and come up with creative ways in which to make your event better than theirs.
  • We are able to research, reach out to the relevant speakers, and guests for your event through our guest list management service.

7. Post-event analysis:

  • It is important to analyse the success of your event, looking at what the goals of your event were and what you achieved.
  • We will carry out a detailed analysis for your records which can be used as a placeholder when planning your next event, by looking at what could have been done better or differently.

8. Press Coverage:

  • You may be looking at gaining a wider audience through press coverage, an event is a great angle for generating media coverage. You must monitor which media outlets have covered your event.
  • We are able to offer you a media relations service, to cover your event.
  • It is important for you to remember that in order to get coverage, you must send out a press release and media advisory several weeks in advance as well as making sure that you have invited press to your event.
  • Media coverage help build trust and knowledge about your brand and event.

9. Loyalty:

This is an event management KPI we always recommend, it is important to monitor who is attending your events. loyalty in this sense refers to guests who have completed one or more of the following:

  • Have attended multiple events
  • Have brought guests
  • Have participated in pre-event activities, such as social media contests
  • Have generously provided user generated content


Month 1: Brief, research and planning

  • We will ask you for a brief on your event-the type of event you would like to hold, when you would like to hold it, what you would like to achieve out of your event and what your budget is for the event.
  • We will then research your event, looking at what your competitors are have done and how, coming up with creative ideas to make your event better.
  • We will then give you our recommended event concept, with examples of possible venues and themes.

Month 2: Execution of plan and supplier liaison

  • We will then create an event plan, giving you an approximate idea of the costs involved. We will then reach out to the relevant suppliers (usually 3 per service required) find out their availability and costs allowing you to decide which suppliers you wish to use.
  • We will check any contracts sent by the suppliers carefully, flagging up any concerns or contractual clauses which we feel may affect you.

Month 3: Finalisation of event details, invitation, guest list management and attending event

  • We will finalise the details of the event with the suppliers making sure that they have all the correct event details and the contact details of the member of our team who will be on the ground.
  • We will finalise your invitation design (if you have contracted us to do this for you) and send it out to the curated guest list that we will have sent you for your approval. We will then collect the RSVPs keeping a log and updating you on the numbers that have confirmed to attend.
  • We will be on site at your event from set up to dismantling ensuring that your event is successful.


Whether your main objective is to increase brand awareness, maximize revenue, or delight attendees, this list will help you start defining your specific version of event success.

1. Number of attendees:

  • This is a key metric that is critical in the analysis of the success of your event.
  • It is important to see the numbers who have RSVP’d to confirm their attendance to the numbers that have actually attended the event.
  • There will be a target number of attendees discussed and in your initial brief, we will compare this to the actual number who what attended.

2. Attendee satisfaction survey:

  • This is the most immediate way of knowing if attendees enjoyed the event.
  • Survey responses are helpful in understanding attendee satisfaction and ensuring that future events exceed their expectations. It is important to ask the appropriate questions such as:a. What was it that you enjoyed about the event?
    b. Did you feel the speaker effectively delivered his message?
    c. What do you feel was missing, if anything?
    d. Will you be attending our next event?
    e. Are you more or less likely to attend the next event?

3. Speaker engagement:

  • It is important that your speaker is relevant to the concept of your event and their performance is ultimately determined by the audience.
  • It is important to provide ways in which attendees can interact and respond to the speaker’s performance, questions or survey responses after the speech

4. Social media engagement:

  • In today’s day it is a given that your brand is active on social media, on the days leading to your event.
  • When attendees react to a post, through a share, like or retweet or repost it widens your social media reach.
  • Post event, it is important that the posting is continued as it will give you an indication of how the event resonated with the attendees, allowing you to see if they are full or praise and flag up any complaints they may have.
  • It is important to thank all those that attended. It is a way of ensuring that they attend your next event, interact with your brand and share their experience with their network, widening your audience.

5. Revenue:

Assuming that the purpose of your event is to create brand awareness and widen your customer base, bringing in additional revenue.
It is important to measure:

  • Anticipated cost vs actual cost
  • Anticipated revenue vs actual revenue
  • Actual cost vs actual revenue


  • Event Ideas
  • Venue Options
  • Supplier options
  • Event Plan
  • Flow Plan
  • Curzon team present at event
  • Event Analysis and End of Project Report


All our projects are bespoke and priced accordingly. You can get further information on prices by contacting our Neha Desai from our business development team, neha@curzonpr.com or on T: +44 (0)20 3637 4830


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