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Today’s world is more connected than ever. Meeting in Perth? No problem, get on Skype. Friends’ birthday in Rio? Simple, post a video on their Facebook wall. Need to make a complaint to an American company while you sit in London? Tweet them. Connection with almost every country in the world is not just possible in our day and age, it is quite literally in our hands; at the tip of our fingers.

The ability to connect instantly with the peoples of the world has opened myriads of opportunity for business.  Global reach is at the forefront of running a successful business in today’s market. We can connect anyone with influential people in countless countries, and design strategic PR campaigns that connect London with NYC, Dubai, Delhi and the world beyond; all with the click of a button.

Top London PR Marketing Agency Services

Many of our clients are brands located in New York, Dubai or Delhi with a strategic aim of expanding their presence into the London scene. As a global PR Agency with contacts in each respective country, we are able to design and implement coordinated PR campaigns in the world’s capitals and business centres, working across arts and culture, business and policy, food and beverage and luxury PR. Consider these discourses; arts and culture, business and policy, food and beverage and the luxury sector. They are global in their very nature. What was Picasso without Munch’s influence? Would there be a Guggenheim in Bilbao without New York’s? Would Nestle be the giant it is today without Cadbury? These sectors are connected through their ability to influence the globe, and more importantly, the people in it. Our job is to connect what your brand is doing with all of its global counterparts, and with a global audience.

We offer a wide range of personalised services to multinational companies, tech start ups and small businesses. If you’re interested in how public relations and media relations can help small businesses grow, have a read of Farzana Baduel’s latest blog (, which accounts for how PR is an essential component to building a business from the ground up, and how smaller companies can incorporate PR into their planning, even with a smaller budget.

Curzon may have been born in London, but we are citizens of the world. Our London based PR agency has an experienced communications strategy team that allows brands to obtain the best results across the globe. If your target audience is outside your country and home market, if your aims span into a new country, a different continent, or the entire world, we can help, because we know what it means to be a global PR agency.