Statement in response to Patrik Schumacher’s position on art schools, privatisation and social housing

In reaction to recent public comments made by Patrik Schumacher, the three other trustees of the Zaha Hadid Foundation, and executors of Dame Zaha’s estate – Rana Hadid, Lord Palumbo and Brian Clarke – would like to make the following statement:


“The views recently expressed by Patrik Schumacher regarding the closure of art schools, the abandonment of social housing and the building over of Hyde Park are his personal views and are not, in any way, shared by us.


“Knowing Dame Zaha as well as we did, we can state categorically that she would have been totally opposed to these views and would have disassociated herself from them. We personally also totally disagree with these views.”


Rana Hadid, Lord Palumbo and Brian Clarke


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