Call to Artists: 3045 Variations on Rubens’ The Feast of Venus


(L-R) Inga Krymskaya: Variation 5 // Triptych – mixed media on acrylic glass mounted
on dibond – 180 x 100cm (each part)
Variation 17 // 3D parts, mixed media and watercolor on
wooden panel – 200 x 92cm
Variation 20 // Mixed media on wooden panel, 3dim work

The artist, Inga Krymskaya, is announcing an international call to artists to participate in her latest project, 3045 Variations on The Feast of Venus.
3045 Variations on The Feast of Venus is an ongoing project by the Dutch artist involving the adaptation and reinvention of the Flemish Baroque painting by Rubens’ entitled The Feast of Venus.

The call to artists is an open invitation for other visual artists to create their own interpretations of Rubens’ – The Feast of Venus (1636-37). Strongly influenced by humanism, Rubens’ original work is an interpretation of Titian’s iconic painting The Worship of Venus.

So far, Krymskaya has completed over 80 variations of the painting herself after developing a fascination for the painting and its universal theme of love, spirituality and the remaking of artworks.

Speaking of what she wants to see from submissions she said. “I was so inspired by Rubens’ rework that I thought it would be a great idea to continue his legacy through artists’ reinterpretations of his masterpiece. I’d like artists to have complete creative freedom when approaching their variation; they can use any materials or mediums, to provoke, criticize and to push the limits as much as they want”.

With 3045 Variations on The Feast of Venus, Inga explores the different possibilities conceivable on one theme, using various mediums to expand Rubens’ painting and give another conceptual interpretation each time.

The deadline for artist submissions is Friday 26th February 2016 and all entries or queries should be made to