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Hotel management software company Knowcross has announced their integration with protel, one of Europe’s largest property management software providers.

The partnership allows seamless integration between protel and Knowcross’ suite of applications, which include KNOW Service, KNOW Housekeeping and KNOW Glitch.

The protel-Knowcross interface allows guest profiles made in the protel system to be accessed in Knowcross applications. This enables hotel staff to access real time information from pre-arrival right through to the check-out stage, helping hotels adhere to high standards of service.

Nikhil Nath, CEO of Knowcross says, “We are delighted to announce this new partnership with protel. The new interface allows customers with protel PMS to harness the full capabilities of Knowcross software and maximise staff productivity, and be at top of their game when it comes to delivering world-class guest service”.

Glitch management will also be made easier following the integration. Records of guest requests, complaints and glitches recorded in Knowcross applications will now be available in protel PMS, empowering Front of House staff with the knowledge of their guests’ previous experiences at the hotel, thus enabling them to provide their guests with a better service on their return visit.

The two-way real time integration ensures that Knowcross applications and protel are fully synchronised, enabling effective room inventory management. Information regarding check-in, check-out and room moves entered in protel is updated on Knowcross apps such as KNOW Housekeeping, hence enabling efficient planning and prioritisation of room cleaning.

Manfred Osthues, CEO of protel hotelsoftware GmbH says: “We are pleased to be partnering with Knowcross, an innovative technology supplier. The PMS, the nerve-centre of every hotel, is only as as good as the data it is supplied with. We welcome all the advantages that real-time, two-way interfaces represent for our customers, and are fully committed to their success. We continue to prove that better communication within the hotel ultimately leads to happier guests; delivering higher revenue and repeat business.”

Knowcross software is used by leading hotel brands across the world including Kempinski, Rosewood, Corinthia, Oberoi, Radisson, Sixty Hotels, Holiday Inn, DoubleTree by Hilton and Taj. The cloud-based software can be interfaced to existing hotel property management systems including Opera, Fidelio, Itesso and protel. All of Knowcross’ mobile apps are available for the Apple iOS and Android platforms.

Notes to Editors

About Knowcross

Knowcross is a global hotel management software company that provides a range of products designed to increase efficiency and improve guest service. Founded in 2002 by Nikhil Nath, Knowcross’ products are used by leading hotel brands across the world including Kempinski, Rosewood, Dusit, Corinthia, Oberoi, Radisson, Sixty Hotels, Holiday Inn, DoubleTree by Hilton and Taj.

Knowcross’ products are designed to improve the guest experience, whilst saving hoteliers time and money in labour costs. They increase workforce productivity, particularly in housekeeping, by replacing manual processes with software.

Knowcross helps to improve hotel rankings on travel websites by reducing the number of customer complaints that are commonly caused by delays and poor service standards.

About Knowcross Software

KNOW Service enhances productivity by streamlining communication, ensuring that guest requests are relayed to the right person. This in turn minimises delays, creates accountability and increases adherence to service standards – leading to higher rankings and positive reviews on travel sites.

KNOW Housekeeping automates daily housekeeping activities, resulting in a faster turnaround of rooms, eliminating 90% of room coordination and reducing guest wait time.

KNOW Glitch is a powerful tool for management. It reports on service issues and related costs, allowing hotel managers to track exactly how much money is lost and time spent from customer complaints.

KNOW Inspection is the 21st century digital version of the traditional, paper-based checklist. All inspections can be conducted from a smartphone, thus making the process more efficient as well as environmentally friendly.

KNOW Mobile gives users the freedom to manage their hotel whilst on the move. Hoteliers can register and manage jobs, access guest lists and other information, set custom alerts, access housekeeping data and much more.

About protel

protel develops and sells technology and service solutions specifically and exclusively for the hotel industry and related sectors. The consistent focus on the demands of a single industry and an avid passion for technology make protel one of the most experienced and successful providers of professional hotel management systems. Whatever the requirements, if installed on-site, web-based “in the Cloud” or as a hybrid solution, which combines both worlds: protel’s future-proof software solutions cover the full industry spectrum, from small independent hotels to hotel chains with a global presence.

Today, over 12,000 installations in hotels and hotel management schools in over 80 countries, including upwards of 4,500 clients in the Cloud, attest to protel’s high-level expertise and reliability. More information on the company’s website:

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